Staff Retreat

Case Managers Laura Buckingham & Kurt Grangood hard at work.

Once a year, the staff of Northern Community Mediation sets aside one day for a staff retreat. The purpose of this workshop is to review the past year and plan for the following year. Generally, the staff retreat is held on a Friday. Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, the 2023 staff retreat was held on Tuesday, November 14. The following were the primary topics that were discussed:

  • 2024 Calendar
  • Two, four-hour advanced mediator trainings
  • Review of NCM forms
  • Review of the fees for service
  • Outreach and marketing
  • Review of internal documents, such as succession plans, personnel policies, office procedures, forms
  • Review of job descriptions
  • Review of office procedures

Since it worked out so well holding the staff retreat on a Tuesday rather than a Friday, it was decided that the 2024 staff retreat would be held on Tuesday, November 19 in 2024. In order for the staff to focus on the issues at hand, the NCM office will be closed on the day of the staff retreat.