Child Protection

Child Protection Mediation deals with cases that involve abuse and neglect. The goal is twofold. First, the various legal and social service representatives use mediation to work with the parents and families in an attempt to educate them and provide them with appropriate tools for raising children so that the family can remain united. When this is unsuccessful, mediation offers an opportunity for all of the parties involved, including the parent(s), to “come to the table” to discuss a permanency plan for the affected child(ren).

Some of the issues discussed in mediation are as follows:

  • Petition wording
  • Visitation plans and schedules
  • Service plan development
  • Placement issues for the child while the family issues are being resolved
  • Transition planning for permanent placement
  • Communication and conflict issues which might include
    • parent/child
    • parent/FIA
    • parent/court
    • attorney/FIA
    • parent/foster parent
    • sibling/sibling
  • Permanent placement for the child, such as
    • reunification with parents
    • adoption
    • guardianship
    • relative placement
    • long term foster care

To view a video explaining the Child Protection Mediation process, click on the following link: