Chamber Expos

What is a Chamber Expo? A lot of fun. The various companies, organizations and associations within the service area of the specific chamber each have a booth where they display what they have to offer. Additionally, restaurants have booths so that everyone can get a “taste of the north.” An expo could really be described as a town party. Everyone is there having a good time.

Because of COVD-19, none of the Chambers have held expos in recent years. Fortunately, that is all changing. The Petoskey Chamber of Commerce held its 2022 Chamber Expo on Wednesday, October 19 at Nub’s Nob. It was a great feeling to be able finally to chat and laugh with community members at an Expo. NCM staff looks forward to the Chambers of Commerce in Boyne City, Charlevoix, East Jordan and Harbor Springs scheduling their Chamber Expos

Case Manager Karen Cole at the Petoskey Chamber Expo