“Bullying Hurts Everyone.” That is the title of a coloring book that Northern Community Mediation is creating to be distributed to the elementary school students in the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District service area. The focus of the coloring book is to draw attention to how a person that is being bullied feels and then to sensitize young people with tools that they can use to stop the bullying.

Each page has a question or suggestion:

  • What is bullying?
  • Have you ever seen someone being bullied?
  • How do you think that person felt? Angry, joyful,sad,happy, hopeless, calm, liked, shocked, concerned
  • When you see someone being bullied, you can be a Bystander by
    • Walking away
    • Standing & watching
  • Or you can be an Upstander by
    • Trying to stop it
    • Telling an adult
    • Being kind to the person being bullied
  • Which do you want to be
  • Bullying hurts. List the way you can prevent bullying
  • Out  of 56.6 million students in the United State, 7 in 10 have seen bullying in their schools
  • Color in the number of students who have witnessed bullying.

On the last page of the coloring book, the student signs an agreement that he/she will not be a bully and will be an Upstander.

Presently, NCM is seeking funding of approximately $800 to defray the costs of producing the coloring book. Once the fund are secured, the coloring book will be printed. Executive Director Jane Millar will then distribute the coloring books by meeting with the teachers and administrators in each elementary school and explaining how they can be optimally be used.