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The Michigan Community Mediation Association (MCMA) with the Oakland Mediation Center as the fiscal agent has been awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) “to develop and implement a statewide system of local mediation services to resolve disputes related to behavioral health services provided by Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSP) and their local Citizen Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) centers. In the case of Northern Community Mediation, NCM will be working collaboratively with the Community Mental Health (CMH) agency that services Charlevoix and Emmet counties.

This is a program in which individuals who receive publicly funded behavioral health services are ensured of an independent process in resolving their concerns about their treatments and services. As an example, NCM will provide specifically trained mediators to facilitate a non-biased, neutral and confidential setting in which the individuals and their family members along with appropriate CMH staff will have the opportunity to have a dialog and together develop a treatment program acceptable to all of the involved parties.

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Anyone interested in learning more about the Behavioral Health Mediation Program should contact Executive Director Dr. Jane Millar at Northern Community Mediation (231.487.1771 or

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