Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program

The Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP) offers free mediation services to Michigan farmers to resolve their disputes outside of court.

Farmers’ disputes covered by this grant can range from

  • Agricultural loans
  • Agricultural credit
  • Wetland determinations
  • Compliance with farm programs, including conservation programs
  • Crop insurance
  • Pesticides
  • Rural development loans
  • Organic certification
  • Leases
  • Family farm transitions
  • Farmer-neighbor disputes
  • Other agriculture-related topics deemed appropriate by USDA or the state department of agriculture

The federal Agricultural Mediation Program was enacted by Congress in 1987, to help our farmers. The MAMP today can help address a wide range of agricultural challenges from loans, bankruptcy, wetland determinations, compliance issues, insurance disputes, contract issues, to family estate complications.

To learn more about the Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program, go to the MAMP website:

Further information is also available by reading the Press Release

To listen to an interview about the MAMP with Executive Director Jenny Miner, click on  https://www.michiganagtoday.com/mcma/

Anyone interested in learning more about the Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program should contact Case Manager Laura Buckingham at 231.487.1771