Background Checks

All volunteer mediators and paid staff who are mediating for NCM are required to have a criminal background check pursuant to requirements from the State of Michigan. Each mediator or staff member must sign the consent form for the purposes of a criminal background check. Anyone convicted of a sexual offense of a felonious nature will not be eligible to mediate for NCM. The background checks shall be done through the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) and the Criminal Registry by the Executive Director. The results of the background checks shall be stored in a separate, locked file drawer or cabinet in the office of the Executive Director. The records shall be maintained throughout the tenure of the mediator’s or staff’s activities with NCM and then destroyed. Background checks shall be conducted on each volunteer mediator or staff member every two years.

To obtain the necessary documents, click on the links below. Additionally, applicants must provide a copy of their driver’s license or other identification with a picture, such as a passport

Background Check Consent Form

Background Check Clearance Form