Special Education

Special Education

Students with disabilities rely on their special education team to work together to create their education programs and to improve educational outcomes. It is a long-term, collaborative effort. The student’s program improves when the team plans for best outcomes and manages disagreements with the student in mind.

When disagreements arise, Northern Community Mediation (NCM) is able to provide facilitators who are able to ensure a safe, neutral environment for parents and school personnel to explore options that meet student needs. In mediation, collaborative communication helps resolve a wide range of complex, special education issues. This process has an 80 percent agreement rate and is free of charge.

Special Education Mediation helps students by fostering cooperation and effective teamwork among those who plan their education. The overall goal is to help students, parents and educators make decisions to improve educational outcomes. The mediators help the those involved to

  • Enhance two-way communication
  • Express their ideas and be heard
  • Understand each other’s perspectives
  • Approach conflicts positively
  • Participate¬† in decision-making
  • Create productive relationships
  • Make the best of short meetings
  • Speed service delivery to students
  • Resolve disagreements for the benefit of students

In other words, Special Education Mediation is student centered.

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