Board Retreat

Pictured from left to right: Bob Banner, Stuart Fenton, Liisa Morley, Izabela Babinska, Nikki Devitt, Brian Kasiborski, Hugh Conklin, Kirstyn Horan, Jane Millar

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, Northern Community Mediation (NCM) held its annual Board Retreat from 5:00pm to 7:30pat City Park Grill in Petoskey. President Brian Kasiborski reviewed the Mission and Vision statements and then welcomed everyone to the retreat.

Following the approval of the minutes from the Annual Meeting and the January Board  meeting, announcements were made. The Board members then met together by committee. They were to review the strategic plan of their committee by answering three questions: What has been accomplished? What has yet to be accomplished? What needs to be eliminated?

Following dinner, the board members again gathered by committee to brainstorm new ideas and specifically address the their goals for the committee for 2022. Following this breakout session, the board gathered as a whole having each committee report back to the board.

Since the Executive Director forgot to take a picture at the board retreat, the posted picture is from the 2020 board retreat.