Board Retreat

Kirstyn Horan, Judy Zorn, Lisa Hoyt, Phil Harmon, Suzi Kanine, Hob Ingleson, Jenny Brower, Cyndy Tonkavich, Mark Andresky, Bill Cattin, Mitch Brown, Hugh Conklin, Nikki LaDeur

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Northern Community Mediation (NCM) held its annual Board Retreat from 5:00pm to 7:30pm at The Weathervane in Charlevoix. President Kirstyn Horan reviewed the Mission and Vision statements and then welcomed everyone to the retreat.

Following the approval of the minutes from the Annual Meeting and the January Board  meeting, announcements were made. The motion to “approve Executive Director Dr. Jane Millar as the
designated signatory on behalf of Northern Community Mediation for the purchase of Units 3 & 4
located at 2202 Mitchell Park drive in Petoskey, Michigan 49770 in the amount of $220,000” was
made and unanimously approved. It was an exciting and positively emotional moment in the
history of NCM.

Prior to dinner, Jenny Brower gave a report on the new fundraiser Loco Locals, and Mitch Brown
brought the board up to date on the purchase of the condominium units. Following dinner, the
board went into breakout sessions to discuss funding, the capital campaign, marketing and