Board Retreat

Board Retreat

Pictured from left to right: Bob Banner, Stuart Fenton, Liisa Morley, Izabela Babinska, Nikki Devitt, Brian Kasiborski, Hugh Conklin, Kirstyn Horan, Jane Millar

On Thursday, March 14, Northern Community Mediation (NCM) held its annual Board Retreat at the Boyne City Tap Room from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Following three reports on the Petoskey Theatre Party, the statewide, online mediation initiative and the 2018 program cost analysis by Executive Director Jane Millar, President Bob Banner reviewed the mission and vision statements.DJ Jones, who is the Executive Director of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, opened the session addressing the importance of strategic planning. President Bob Banner then reviewed the mission, vision, funding sources and a summary of the 2017 board retreat.

The chairpersons of the three board committees then reported on their progress since the 2018 board retreat and their challenges for 2019, Stuart Fenton for the Local Government Focus Group, Bob Banner for the State Government Focus Group and Kirstyn Horan for thee Local Community Focus Group. This information was then put into a calendar put into a calendar for 2019.

Jane Millar then led a conversation about the assets and liabilities facing NCM. It was determined that the three most important assets were 1) staff, mediators and board members, 2) court support and community relationships and 3) accessibility to programs. The three most challenging liabilities were 1) salaries and benefits resulting in a limited pool of potential employees, 2) steady, predictable funding and 3) exposure / awareness.

Each of the three committees listed above will make use of the assets to overcome the liabilities in order to achieve their goals. The Local Government Focus Group and the State government Focus Group will continue in the same direction as they have been. The Local Community Focus Group will center their efforts on increasing awareness, branding and use of social media.