Workshops and Trainings

Workshops & Trainings

The participants plus the facilitator in the Zoom training.

Training for mediators and board members is offered at both the local and statewide levels.


1) 2.411 General Civil, 40-Hour Mediation Training via Zoom

In order to mediate in the state of Michigan, individuals are required to take the 2.411 General Civil, 40-hour Mediation Training. Northern Community Mediation (NCM) offered this training via Zoom on May 12, 13, 14, 20, and 21, 2021. Each day lasted for seven hours of training, totaling 35 hours after the five days. The other five hours were done asynchronously.

During the training, the causes and  levels of conflict and responses to conflict were covered. Additionally, skills in communication, negotiation and mediation were discussed. All of this culminated in the mediation process.

For future opportunities to participate in the 40-hour, general civil training, contact Executive Director Dr. Jane Millar at 231.487.1771 or

2) Advanced Mediator Training via Zoom

In order to maintain credentials, mediators in the state of Michigan are required to participate in at least eight hours of advanced mediator training every two years. In February, NCM offered a 4-hour, advanced mediator training titled “The Mediator’s Health & Well-Being.” In June, another 4-hour training was offered focusing on “Parenting Time & Divorce Issues & Nuances.”

Dates and topics for future advanced mediator trainings are in the planning, but the specifics have yet to be solidified. If you are interested in these trainings, either check this webpage on a regular basis or call NCM at 231.487.1771 so that your name can go on a list of interested participants

State of Michigan

1) 8-Hour Advanced Mediation Training via Zoom

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, Dale Iverson, Bob Wright, and Anne Bachle Fifer are offering an 8-hour, advanced mediation training via Zoom.  Details relating to the training will be available in the near future. Approval is pending for both general civil and domestic requirements. Click on the link below to see the flyer.

Save-the-date Flyer