Forty Hour Training

Forty Hour Training

In order to be a mediator for Northern Community Mediation (NCM) or to go on the court roster, a person must participate in the State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) approved 2.411, 40-Hour training. NCM offers this training every other year in the spring. This training, which was facilitated by Wanda Joseph and Dr. Jane Millar, was offered this spring from 8:00am to 5:00pm on the following dates:

At the Charlevoix Public Library

  • Monday, May 22
  • Tuesday, May 23
  • Wednesday, May 24

At the Demmer Wellness Center

  • Wednesday, May 31
  • Thursday, June 1

Twenty-five individuals participated in the training: 11 were attorneys, two were high school counselors, five were potential mediators for other Citizen Dispute Resolution Program (CDRP) centers in the state, and nine will be mediating for NCM.

Following the 40 hours of training, mediators for NCM are required to observe 10 hours of actual mediations as a part of their internship. After that, the new mediators are partnered with experienced mediators to facilitate in co-mediations.