Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

According to the by-laws of Northern Community Mediation (NCM), “A regular annual meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held during the first quarter of the year for the previous fiscal year. All meetings shall be held at such time and place as shall be selected by the Board of Directors.”

Traditionally, NCM holds its annual meeting in January. The 2018 annual meeting reporting on the 2017 fiscal year was held at noon on Thursday, January 18 at City Park Grill in Petoskey. The agenda for that meeting is  available by clicking on the link below. The Annual Report for 2017 was presented at that meeting. A copy of that report is available by clicking on the link below.

Board Members Hugh Conklin, Kirstyn Horan, Judge Joe Hayes, Liisa Morley & Award Recipients Dick Hendrian, Jim Raber & Ed Cole

Outgoing board members Julie Kuchnicki, The Honorable Fred Mulhauser, Kirk Raymond and Kate Scollin were thanked for their years of service to NCM. And, incoming board members Hugh Conklin, The Honorable Joe Hayes, Kirstyn Horan and Liisa Morley were approved and welcomed to the board.

Additionally, the annual awards were presented. The Veteran Mediator of the Year Award is presented to a mediator who has been mediating for more than two years and exhibits dedication and willingness to go out of his/her way. Although Dick Hendrian had received this award in the past, it was again presented to him. Dick has been mediating for NCM for over 15 years, and has always been considered an excellent mediator. With his “retirement” from mediation, it was only appropriate that he again receive Veteran Mediator of the Year.

The Rookie Mediator of the Year Award goes to a mediator who has been trained within the past two years and goes above and beyond “the call of duty.” The choice of Ed Cole for this recognition was obvious. As a result of a pilot project and grant, Ed has been serving as the Restorative Practices Coordinator at Pellston High School since January 2017. He has drawn upon his experience in education to become an exemplary mediator and facilitator.

The Advocate of the Year Award is bestowed upon an individual who supports and promotes mediation. Over the years, Jim Raber has more than met those qualifications. When he was with the Charlevoix court system, he promoted the use of mediation in resolving parenting time cases. He has also served as a mediator for NCM and is presently the Restorative Practices Coordinator at Boyne City High School.

Annual Report 2017